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“I just got served today and I have a hearing in three days! What do I do?”

I call this technique by attorneys “swiping.” That is not a legal definition, but it fits the bill. Although you have twenty days (or more) to file your answer to the court in Texas, the only legal requirement for a temporary orders hearing is three days’ notice. Attorneys will sometimes serve you with both the [...]

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What should you do incase CPS visits?

The following shall not be considered advice from an attorney. Every case is different. You should request the assistance of a licensed attorney for advice specific to your circumstances. Child Protective Services, commonly referred to as CPS, has shown up at your house. What should you do next? Do not panic. The first step – [...]

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Does a name on a child’s birth certificate prove paternity?

Does a name on a child’s birth certificate prove paternity?* No, a man’s signature or name on a birth certificate is not enough to prove paternity. There are many ways a man can “adjudicate” or prove to the Court that he is the father of a child. Merely signing the birth certificate is not enough. [...]

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Mediation offers people a cheaper alternative to traditional courtroom litigation. Although mediation is not a fit for every case, we can help you evaluate your case and the possibility of using mediation as an alternative. Mediation is available for divorces, child custody, and other civil cases and disputes. We offer mediation in person or over [...]

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