It depends on what type of case you have. No matter the case, we give you a full hour of time with a licensed attorney to review your case and provide you with advice.

Personal Injury cases initially start by you filing out information regarding your personal injury. After the attorney evaluates this information, you will be scheduled for a consult free of charge.

Divorce, custody, family law matters, or other litigation matters cost $100 as a consult fee.

This is done on a case by case basis only after you have had a consult with the attorney. However, in many cases – yes. We want to be accessible to you.

There are a lot of factors that decide the costs of your case. It depends on the area of law, complexity, opposing attorney, and where the case is located. We cannot estimate this for you until you have had a consultation. Personal injury cases, if we agree to your representation, are free of upfront fees and charges.

We offer both flat fee representation and retainer representation on matters other than personal injury.

We try our best to be economical and accessible to you. Flat fee representation, if appropriate for your case, allows you to know the full cost of your case the day you sign up for our representation of you. Retainer fee representation, if appropriate for your case, is often used for lengthy or highly disputed claims and ebbs and flows with the complexity of your claims and issues.

At your consultation, we will decide together what is best for you in a clear and transparent manner.

There is no simple answer to this because every divorce is different. The length of your divorce often is determined on assets and issues regarding child custody.

Generally, divorces can take four months to a year or longer. We understand that you do not want your divorce to go on any longer than necessary, and we work hard to conclude it quickly while maintaining our high standards of work product.

We will guide you through the process after you have scheduled a consult. Generally, try to gather up all court documents or anything regarding your case prior to the consult. The more you are able to supply during your consult, the more thorough the attorney can be regarding your issue.

We are authentic without apology. We stay true to our character regardless of what is popular or expected. We embrace relationships, work, and activities that allow each team member to bring their truest and best self to the table. We embrace our differences as those differences make us authentic and unique.

We are trustworthy. We earn the trust of our co-workers, clients, peers, and courts because we strive for the truth with integrity. If we make a mistake, we take ownership. We work to ensure that we present cases, regardless of the facts, in a trustworthy manner.

We are goal focused. We set our own goals within the firm as well as with clients. We use our time and energy to cut through the noise and distractions to reach the goals that have been deemed important enough to make. We help and encourage our clients to remain goal focused with our assistance.

I like helping people and seeing my work make a difference. Sometimes, people just need someone to help their voice be heard. That is what I do as an attorney. My arguments to the Court are crafted so that your voice is heard.

– Alesha Walker



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